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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Yonderboi

O seu nome real é László Fogarasi Jr. e cresceu numa pequena vila chamada Mernye, a 250 km e 4 horas de autocarro de Budapeste. Embora demonstrasse interesse pela música desde cedo, nunca lhe foi permitido cantar no coro da escola, pois a sua professora achava-o duro de ouvido e só lhe permitia fingir que cantava, abrindo e fechando a boca, embora elogiasse o seu bom senso de ritmo aos seus pais. Na escola secundária, teve lições de guitarra

Artist Tags For Yonderboi

1) Downtempo 2) Electronic 3) Trip-Hop 4) Chillout 5) Lounge

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Yonderboi

1) Pabadam 2) Amor 3) Fairy Of The Lake 4) Badly Broken Butterflies 5) Papadam 6) Before you snap 7) Motor 8) Road Movie 9) Even If You Are Victorious 10) Another Geometry 11) 100% Trevira 12) All We Go To Hell 13) Follow Me Home 14) SinkingSlowly 15) People Always Talk About The Weather 16) Love Hides 17) Were You Thinking of Me? 18) Ohne Chanteuse 19) Eyes for you 20) Soulbitch 21) Sinking Slowly 22) Milonga Del Mar 23) Trains in the Night 24) Intro 25) Riders On The Storm 26) Bodysurf 27) No Answer From Petrograd 28) Thousand Bells 29) Outro 30) I Am Cgi 31) Chase & Chaser 32) Cantaloupe Island (interlude) 33) Brighter Than Anything 34) Roast Pigeon 35) She Complains 36) Sustainable Development 37) Come On Progeny 38) Paint Hunting On The Wall 39) Riders on the Storm (Pink Solidism) 40) Inexhaustible Well 41) Mono De Oro 42) Synchronicity 43) Were You Thinking Of Me 44) People Always Talk About the Weather (Junkie XL Remix) 45) Almost Sweet 46) After The Snap 47) Chase and Chaser 48) Tameless 49) Riders on the Storm / Pink Solidism 50) Unconcious

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