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The Shins

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Shins

The Shins é um grupo de indie rock formado pelo cantor e guitarrista James Russell Mercer, pelo tecladista e guitarrista Martin Crandall, pelo baixista Dave Hernandez, e pelo baterista Jesse Sandoval. A banda começou em 1997 na cidade de Albuquerque, Novo México como um projeto paralelo de Mercer e Neal Langford, que tocavam em um conjunto chamado Flake. Em 1999, o Flake (que nesse momento já se chamava Flake Music) acabou e todos os seus membros foram para os Shins (nome de uma família fictícia de The Music Man

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Shins

1) New Slang 2) Australia 3) Caring Is Creepy 4) Phantom Limb 5) Sleeping Lessons 6) Kissing the Lipless 7) So Says I 8) Turn on Me 9) Simple Song 10) Pink Bullets 11) Girl Inform Me 12) Saint Simon 13) Young Pilgrims 14) Red Rabbits 15) The Past and Pending 16) Sea Legs 17) A Comet Appears 18) Know Your Onion! 19) Pam Berry 20) Fighting in a Sack 21) One by One All Day 22) Girl on the Wing 23) Black Wave 24) Mine's Not a High Horse 25) Weird Divide 26) Girl Sailor 27) The Celibate Life 28) Pressed in a Book 29) Those to Come 30) Turn A Square 31) Your Algebra 32) Gone for Good 33) The Rifle's Spiral 34) It's Only Life 35) Spilt Needles 36) No Way Down 37) Bait and Switch 38) September 39) Split Needles 40) For a Fool 41) 40 Mark Strasse 42) Fall of '82 43) Port of Morrow 44) We Will Become Silhouettes 45) Name For You 46) A Call To Apathy [tentative title] 47) Wonderful Christmastime 48) A Call to Apathy 49) Mild Child 50) Nothing At All

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The Shins