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Teflon Sega

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Teflon Sega

Teflon Sega is a 2D anime singer who's been releasing a song a week over the last year, amassing 19 million plays on Spotify, 10 million plays on Soundcloud, and 15 million plays on Youtube. The mystique and curiosity of the virtual singer has drawn the attention of Radio BBC 1, Joe Budden podcast, and even Soundcloud, who selected him as one of the top artists to watch in 2019. Teflon spends his time blurring the lines between science fiction and reality as he makes an artful stamp on the real world.

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Indie Electronic



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Teflon Sega

1) Beretta Lake 2) Demons on the Side of My Bed 3) Press Play and Escape 4) 1+1 2+2 5) Damage 6) Deleted Conversations 7) Beretta Lake (Listen2Liri Remix) 8) Lonely & Free 9) NEØN 10) 22hrs 11) Broken Heart Gang 12) Bad Things 13) What I Thought You Knew 14) Antihero 15) Used 16) Beretta Lake (feat. SAINtJHN) Prod by WAJU and F a l l e n 17) Beretta Lake (feat. SAINt JHN) 18) Parachute 19) Deleted Conversations (prod by WAJU x Teflon Sega) 20) Beretta Lake feat. SAINt JHN (Listen2Liri Remix) 21) Empty Space 22) Press Play And Escape (Prod by WAJU) 23) Sinner 24) Closure 25) Broke Up With A Demon 26) Boomerang 27) I Know All Your Secrets 28) NEØN (prod by Cozmoe x WAJU) 29) Patience 30) Cruel Love 31) Beretta Lake - Listen2Liri Remix 32) Highway Man 33) Demons On The Side of My Bed - Acoustic 34) Adam's Song 35) Paralyzed 36) Beretta Lake (feat. SAINt JHN) (Listen2Liri Remix) 37) Satellite 38) Rose Tinted View 39) Beretta Lake (feat. SAINtJHN) 40) Overflo (ft. Angel and Dren) 41) 22hrs (prod. by OZZIE) 42) Oh Yeah 43) Phoenix Down 44) What Time Is It In Paris 45) Roses 46) Damage (feat. OZZIE) 47) FRZZN 2.0 48) Fornever 49) FRZZN 2.0 (prod. by WAJU) 50) Ghost

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