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Set It Off

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Set It Off

Set It Off - Pop Punk/Powerpop/Indie/Orchestral Pop de: Tampa, Florida - Estados Unidos _ Set It Off é uma banda formada por 4 jovens artistas entre 19 e 21 anos que são eles: Cody Carson (vocals), Zach DeWall (guitarra), Maxx Danziger (bateria) e Dan Clertmont (guitarra/vocals). A maioria das músicas da banda são escritas pelo vocalista Cody Carson. A banda já tem dois Cds lançados no mercado, o primeiro entitulado "Baby, You Don't Tripajaharda" (2008) e o segundo "Calm Before The Storm" (2009).

Artist Tags For Set It Off

1) Pop Punk 2) Powerpop 3) Seen Live 4) Alternative 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Set It Off

1) Why Worry 2) Problem 3) I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 4) Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (feat. William Beckett) 5) The Haunting 6) Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 7) Nightmare 8) Partners in Crime (feat. Ash Costello) 9) Killer In The Mirror 10) Breathe In, Breathe Out 11) Kill The Lights 12) Lonely Dance 13) N.M.E. 14) This Christmas (I'll Burn It to the Ground) 15) Midnight Thoughts 16) Swan Song 17) Duality 18) Forever Stuck In Our Youth 19) I'd Rather Drown 20) Horrible Kids 21) Plastic Promises 22) Ancient History 23) Bleak December 24) Dream Catcher 25) Uncontainable 26) Freak Show 27) Distance Disturbs Me 28) No Control 29) @Reply 30) Dancing With The Devil 31) Bad Guy 32) Hypnotized 33) For You Forever 34) Dad's Song 35) Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing - Acoustic 36) The Grand Finale 37) Miss Mysterious 38) Hourglass 39) End In Tragedy 40) Catch Me If You Can 41) Life Afraid 42) Upside Down 43) MIssing You 44) Third Wheel 45) Different Songs 46) Ashley's Song 47) I Think It's Arrogance 48) Something New 49) Stitch Me Up 50) So Predictable

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