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Mortal Love

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mortal Love

Mortal Love foi uma banda norueguesa de gothic metal. Seus álbuns são compostos como uma história, uma trilogia que se combinados os títulos tem-se a frase "All The Beauty I Have Lost Forever Will Be Gone" (algo como "Toda a beleza que perdi, para sempre terá ido"). A banda lançou o ultimo álbum da trilogia em 22 de setembro de 2006. Membros * Cat (Catherine Nyland) – vocal * Lev (Hans Olav Kjeljebakken) – guitarra * Rain6 (Lars Bæk) – guitarra

Artist Tags For Mortal Love

Gothic Metal

Female Fronted Metal



Female Vocalists

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Mortal Love

1) I Make the Mistake 2) I Want to Die 3) My Shadow Self 4) All The Beauty 5) While Everything Dies 6) As We Can Not Be One 7) Beautiful One 8) So I Betray the Mission 9) Still It Has Only Just Begun 10) Of Keeping the Fire Down 11) Empathy 12) To Choke You Now 13) Adoration 14) Crave Your Love 15) In the End Decides 16) Forever Will Be Gone 17) Falling for You 18) Hate to Feel 19) Senses 20) Serenity 21) In the Sun 22) Everything 23) Existence 24) Mortally Beloved 25) Reality 26) Hope 27) Sanity 28) Memory 29) Spine 30) Identity 31) Everything (Drum edit) 32) Adoration (Goth mix) 33) Adoration (single remix) 34) Senses (Single remix) 35) All The Beauty... - 03 - Beaut 36) Crave Your Love (acoustic version) 37) As We Can Not Be One [Instrumental] 38) Beautyful One 39) Beautiful One (edit) 40) Make The Mistake 41) To Choke You Know 42) While Everything DiesT 43) My Shadow SelfT 44) Mortal Love - I Want To Die 45) Of keeping, the fire down 46) Adoration (Edit) 47) 01_-_all_the_beauty... 48) 07_-_i_want_to_die 49) 06_-_hate_to_feel 50) 05_-_in_the_sun

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