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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Moby

Moby (nascido Richard Melville Hall em 11 de setembro de 1965 no Harlem, New York) é um cantor e artista de música eletrônica estadunidense. É conhecido por singles como Go, Porcelain, South Side (com Gwen Stefani), We Are All Made of Stars e Lift Me Up. Já lançou outros trabalhos sob nome Voodoo Child, Barracuda, UHF, The Brotherhood, DJ Cake, Lopez e Brainstorm/Mindstorm. Moby toca teclado, guitarra e baixo. Seu nome deriva da obra Moby Dick de Herman Melville.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Moby

1) Porcelain 2) Natural Blues 3) Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? 4) Extreme Ways 5) Honey 6) In This World 7) Lift Me Up 8) Bodyrock 9) We Are All Made of Stars 10) Find My Baby 11) In My Heart 12) South Side 13) Run On 14) Flower 15) Everloving 16) Rushing 17) Down Slow 18) Inside 19) 7 20) Machete 21) If Things Were Perfect 22) My Weakness 23) Beautiful 24) Guitar Flute & String 25) One Of These Mornings 26) The Sky Is Broken 27) Dream About Me 28) Go 29) Slipping Away 30) Raining Again 31) Disco Lies 32) Shot in the Back of the Head 33) Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) 34) Signs of Love 35) Another Woman 36) 18 37) Fireworks 38) God Moving Over the Face of the Waters 39) Sleep Alone 40) Look Back In 41) At Least We Tried 42) Hotel Intro 43) Temptation 44) Where You End 45) Jam for the Ladies 46) Great Escape 47) Pale Horses 48) Spiders 49) Whispering Wind 50) Mistake

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