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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MVP

Michael Vescera is an American heavy metal singer for various bands and projects like Loudness (Soldier of Fortune, On the Prowl, Live at the Budokan), Obsession (Marshall Law, Scarred for Life, Methods of Madness, Carnival of Lies, Order of Chaos), Yngwie Malmsteen (The Seventh Sign, Magnum Opus), Dr. Sin (Dr. Sin II), Roland Grapow (Kaleidoscope) or his own band MVP (Mike Vescera Project). Besides being a vocalist, Vescera also works as a record

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Heavy Metal

Jazz Fusion

Power Metal


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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MVP

1) Roc Ya Body 2) Take It 3) Rock Ya Body 4) Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop! 5) Roc Ya Body Mic Check 1 2 6) Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1, 2" 7) Crucified 8) MVP - Rock Ya Body 9) MVP - Roc Ya Body 10) Rock your body 11) MANIFEST 12) DON'T CRY 13) Bounce Shake Move Stop (Ian Carey Mix) 14) LATE NIGHT CALL 15) HEAR ME OUT 16) So What 17) Roc Ya Body "mic Check 1, 2" (The M.V.P. Radio Edit) 18) Hey Tee Bone 19) Celu noc i celi dan 20) Actual Proof 21) Tokyo Blue 22) Every Day 23) IDEMO GORE 24) Return of the Ronin 25) Bounce, shake, move, stop 26) Lovestruck 27) Roc Ya Body(Mic Check 1,2) 28) Splatch 29) MVP Ft. Stagga Lee - Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop! 30) Elegant People 31) Rocks 32) Volim Kad Te Volim 33) Roc Ya Body - Mic Check 1, 2 (instrumental) 34) Vibe To This 35) Good Day 36) Music 37) Nevěřim 38) Humpty Dumpty 39) Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop! (Radio Edit) 40) Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2) 41) Roc Ya Body Mic Check 1 2 (Jupiter Ace Vocal Mix) 42) Not Ethiopia 43) Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1 2) 44) Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1,2" 45) I Try 46) I'm a GO 47) The Fall 48) IGRAJ SAD 49) New Boots 50) Music (Doza's LCG Mix)

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