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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For MGMT

MGMT é uma banda americana que começou no Brooklyn, New York, composta pelos membros fundadores Ben Goldwasser e Andrew VanWyngarden. Após o lançamento de seu primeiro álbum, os membros da sua banda ao vivo, Matthew Asti, James Richardson e Will Berman se juntaram à banda principal de estúdio. Formado na Universidade Wesleyan e originalmente com a Cantora Records, mais tarde assinaram com a Columbia Records e Red Ink em 2006. Ben Goldwasser

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Indie Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For MGMT

1) Kids 2) Electric Feel 3) Time to Pretend 4) Weekend Wars 5) The Youth 6) Pieces of What 7) Of Moons, Birds & Monsters 8) 4th Dimensional Transition 9) The Handshake 10) Future Reflections 11) Congratulations 12) Little Dark Age 13) Flash Delirium 14) It's Working 15) When You Die 16) Song for Dan Treacy 17) Someone's Missing 18) Electric Feel (Justice Remix) 19) I Found a Whistle 20) Siberian Breaks 21) Brian Eno 22) Lady Dada's Nightmare 23) Me and Michael 24) Alien Days 25) Indie Rokkers 26) She Works Out Too Much 27) Hand It Over 28) Your Life Is a Lie 29) Love Always Remains 30) Tslamp 31) Cool Song No. 2 32) Boogie Down 33) James 34) One Thing Left to Try 35) Mystery Disease 36) In the Afternoon 37) Days That Got Away 38) Destrokk 39) Introspection 40) When You're Small 41) A Good Sadness 42) Astro-Mancy 43) Plenty of Girls in the Sea 44) I Love You Too, Death 45) An Orphan of Fortune 46) Metanoia 47) We Care 48) Kids - Soulwax Mix 49) Hot Love Drama 50) Come on Christmas

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