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James Marriott

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For James Marriott

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For James Marriott

1) Him 2) Sleeping On Trains 3) Slow Down 4) Gold 5) Wake Up! 6) Grapes 7) Calling 8) Car Lights 9) New Face 10) Where Has Everyone Gone? 11) The Cringiest Religious Family on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner) 12) Trisha 13) Adios Lele 14) The Cringiest Vegan Teacher on TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner) 15) Peace out Haters 16) Gabbie Hanna's poetry is unbelievably bad... 17) If We Laugh, The Video Ends... (ft. Wilbur Soot) 18) The Alpha Male Side of TikTok (ft. Kurtis Conner) 19) Nikocado Avocado is really strange... 20) The Vegan Teacher is even worse than before... (ft. Kurtis Conner) 21) Nikocado Avocado has gone off the deep end... 22) Someone please stop Bella Poarch... 23) I Read Lilly Singh's Awful Book... 24) Lilly Singh has just been cancelled... 25) James Charles (still) thinks he can sing... 26) I Watched Lilly Singh's Awful Show So You Don't Have To... 27) I attempted to listen to Bella Poarch's music... 28) So, TikTok Is Apparently Funny Now... 29) Charli D'Amelio's book is unbelievably bad... 30) Shane Dawson's book is unbelievably bad... 31) Gabbie Hanna Can't Actually Sing... 32) I watched Shane Dawson's awful film so you don't have to... 33) If We Laugh, The Video Ends... (ft. WillNE) 34) Lele Pons' book is unbelievably bad... 35) Trisha Paytas is really strange... 36) Trisha Paytas' poetry is unbelievably bad.... 37) Someone please stop Ellen... 38) James Charles is manipulating you... 39) I found Belle Delphine's old videos... 40) If I Laugh, I Get Electrocuted 41) Dixie D'Amelio's music is getting even worse... 42) Trisha Paytas' Secret Channel Is Hilariously Bad 43) Gabbie Hanna wrote a poem about me... 44) James Charles and his new (doomed to fail) YouTube group... 45) Insane Girl Catfishes Her Own Boyfriend... 46) I watched Lele Pons' new show so you don’t have to... 47) Kylie Jenner isn't relatable... 48) Trisha Paytas' TikTok is really strange... 49) Instagram Model Got Pregnant At 14 Years Old... 50) I Found The Cringiest TikTok House... (it's a cult)

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