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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Italobrothers

Italobrothers é um projecto de musica dance de Nordhorn,Alemanha. A banda é composta por:Zacharias Adrian(Zac McCrack),Christian Müller(Kristian Sandberg) e o vocalista Matthias Metten.Eles são bastante bem sucedidos na Escandinávia e na Europa Central mas tambem na Europa de Leste.Os lançamentos das suas musicas são feitos pela Zooland Records. O seu genero musical(excepto em "My Life..."e"This is...")é comparavel a artistas e bandas dance na sua maioria de Itália tais como:Bloom 06

Artist Tags For Italobrothers

1) Dance 2) Hands Up 3) Techno 4) German 5) Italodance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Italobrothers

1) Stamp On The Ground (Radio Edit) 2) Summer Air 3) Stamp On The Ground 4) This Is Nightlife - Video Edit 5) Radio Hardcore 6) Love Is On Fire - Radio Edit 7) My Life Is a Party - R.I.O. Edit 8) Love Is On Fire 9) Stamp On The Ground (Megastylez Radio Edit) 10) Moonlight Shadow 11) Put Your Hands Up In The Air 12) Stamp On The Ground (Caramba Traxx Radio Edit) 13) Stamp on the ground (Max Farenthide Radio Edit) 14) Till You Drop 15) Looking Back Someday 16) Radio Hardcore - Video Edit 17) Counting Down The Days - Cascada Radio Edit 18) Upside Down 19) Inside Out 20) Sleep When We're Dead - Video Edit 21) The Moon 22) My Life Is a Party - Radio Edit 23) Games 24) Ocean Breeze 25) Boom (feat. Carlprit) - Video Edit 26) Cryin' In The Rain - Video Edit 27) Boom - Video Edit 28) Welcome to the Dancefloor - Video Edit 29) Where Are You Now 30) Up 'n Away - Video Edit 31) It Must Have Been Love 32) Underwater World 33) The Moon (Silver Nikan Radio Styled Remix) 34) Pandora 2012 - Edit 35) This Is Nightlife 36) Sorry 37) Boom feat. Carlprit - Video Edit 38) Colours of the Rainbow 39) So Small - Radio Edit 40) Stamp On the Ground (Extended Mix) 41) Counting Down The Days (Cascada Radio Edit) 42) Pandora 2012 - Video Edit 43) P.O.D. - Radio Edit 44) Stamp on the Ground - Nightcore Edit 45) Love Is On Fire (Radio Edit) 46) This Is Nightlife (Video Edit) 47) The Moon - Radio Mix 48) So Small - Dance Radio Edit 49) Luminous Intensity - Radio Edit 50) My Life Is a Party

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