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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For IAMX

IAMX é o projeto solo do cantor, compositor, produtor musical e diretor de vídeos Chris Corner. O projeto é independente e além da musica também incide sobre e experiências com a arte visual. Anteriormente Chris Corner era guitarrista e vocalista da banda de trip-hop Sneaker Pimps. Suas músicas são baseadas em assuntos como bizarrices sexuais, morte, intoxicação narcótica, bissexualidade, decadência, obsessão, alienação, singelas alusões políticas

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For IAMX

1) Spit It Out 2) After Every Party I Die 3) President 4) Think of England 5) Nightlife 6) This Will Make You Love Again 7) Kiss and Swallow 8) S.H.E. 9) The Negative Sex 10) The Alternative 11) Bring Me Back a Dog 12) Nature of Inviting 13) Lulled By Numbers 14) Kingdom of Welcome Addiction 15) Song of Imaginary Beings 16) I Am Terrified 17) Your Joy Is My Low 18) Missile 19) The Great Shipwreck of Life 20) Naked But Safe 21) Simple Girl 22) Sailor 23) Mercy 24) The Stupid, The Proud 25) Tear Garden 26) You Can Be Happy 27) I Like Pretending 28) I Come with Knives 29) An I For An I 30) You Stick It In Me 31) Skin Vision 32) My Secret Friend (feat. Imogen Heap) 33) Volatile Times 34) Heatwave 35) Running 36) White Suburb Impressionism 37) Bernadette 38) Music People 39) Animal Impulses 40) Ghosts of Utopia 41) My Secret Friend 42) Fire and Whispers 43) Sorrow 44) The Unified Field 45) Happiness 46) Cold Red Light 47) Dance With Me 48) Walk with the Noise 49) Insomnia 50) Into Asylum

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