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Fatboy Slim

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim (nascido Quentin Leo Cook em 31 de julho de 1963, Kent, Grã-Bretanha), também conhecido como Norman Cook, é um músico do Reino Unido, e um dos DJs mais famosos de todos os tempos. Apesar de originalmente baixista em uma banda de rock, somente sob o codinome de Fatboy Slim e com o toca-discos atingiu o auge de sua carreira. A mistura de house, acid, funk, hip-hop, electro e techno, o consolidou de vez como um astro dentro do cenário da música eletrônica.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Fatboy Slim

1) Praise You 2) Right Here, Right Now 3) The Rockafeller Skank 4) Weapon Of Choice 5) Wonderful Night 6) Sunset (Bird of Prey) 7) Don't Let the Man Get You Down 8) Right Here Right Now 9) Going Out of My Head 10) praise you - radio edit 11) Ya Mama 12) Demons 13) Slash Dot Dash 14) Kalifornia 15) Love Island 16) Soul Surfing 17) Gangster Trippin 18) Gangster Tripping 19) Acid 8000 20) Santa Cruz 21) You're Not from Brighton 22) Fucking in Heaven 23) That Old Pair Of Jeans 24) Build It Up - Tear It Down 25) Star 69 26) Because We Can 27) Sho Nuff 28) Everybody Loves a Carnival 29) Talking Bout My Baby 30) Champion Sound 31) The Weekend Starts Here 32) Mad Flava 33) Song for Lindy 34) Gangster Trippin' 35) The Rockafeller Skank - Short Edit 36) North West Three 37) Love Life 38) The Joker 39) Everybody Needs a 303 40) Drop the Hate 41) Retox 42) First Down 43) Song for Chesh 44) Michael Jackson 45) Rockafeller Skank 46) Punk to Funk 47) Put It Back Together 48) Praise You (Radio Edit) 49) Song for Shelter 50) The Rockafeller Skank - Full Version

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Fatboy Slim

1) You've Come a Long Way, Baby 2) Halfway Between The Gutter and the Stars 3) Palookaville 4) You've Come A Long Way Baby 5) Better Living Through Chemistry 6) Why Try Harder - Greatest Hits 7) On the Floor at the Boutique 8) The Greatest Hits ~ Why Try Ha 9) Why Try Harder - The Greatest Hits 10) You've Come a Long Way Baby (10th Anniversary Edition) 11) Cruel Intentions 12) The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder 13) The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder 14) The Greatest Hits Why Try Harder 15) Why Try Harder (The Greatest Hits) 16) Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (feat. Beardyman) 17) (null) 18) Right Here, Right Now (CamelPhat Remix) 19) Why Try Harder 20) Live on Brighton Beach 21) The Rockafeller Skank 22) Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 23) Gangster Trippin (Sultan + Shepard Remix) 24) Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (clean edit) 25) Skint On TV 26) Halfway Between The Gutter And 27) Best of the bootlegs 28) Illuminati 29) You've Come A Long Way Baby 10th Anniversary Edition 30) Eat Sleep Rave Repeat 31) Halfway Between the Gutter and Stars 32) California Rite Now 33) Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars (15th Anniversary) 34) Camber Sands 35) Moulin Rouge 36) Praise You (Maribou State Remix) 37) Better Living Through Chemistr 38) Praise You 39) That Old Pair Of Jeans 40) All the Ladies 41) Right Here, Right Now 42) Big Beach Bootique 5 43) Big Beach Boutique II 44) The Greatest Hits Remixed 45) 15 46) The Greatest Hits 47) Rockafeller Skank 48) The Best Of 49) We Are Skint 50) Demons

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Fatboy Slim