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Diary of Dreams

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Diary of Dreams

Diary of Dreams é um projeto musical alemão de darkwave fundado por Adrian Hates, ele produziu a maioria dos álbuns, raramente usa uma banda completa, exceto quando está em turnê. Seus primeiros álbuns são puramente darkwave, depois o estilo passou a ter elementos electrogoth, com influência de futurepop e techno. Adrian Hates era originalmente um guitarrista e pianista de formação clássica e, posteriormente, o baixista do Garden of Delight.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Diary of Dreams

1) She and Her Darkness 2) The Curse 3) The Wedding 4) Amok 5) She 6) King of Nowhere 7) Giftraum 8) The Plague 9) Chemicals 10) Kindrom 11) Reign of Chaos 12) Chrysalis 13) Malice 14) Colorblind 15) Play God! 16) Rumours about Angels 17) Requiem 4.21 18) Traumtänzer 19) Son Of A Thief 20) Tears of Laughter 21) But The Wind Was Stronger 22) Tears Of Joy 23) Nekrolog 43 24) End Of Flowers 25) The Valley 26) Traum:A 27) O'brother Sleep 28) Bastard 29) Mankind 30) Dead Letter 31) Rebellion 32) The Colors Of Grey 33) MenschFeind 34) Verdict 35) Odyssey Asylum 36) The Darkest Of All Hours 37) Babylon 38) Methusalem 39) Matching Lives 40) Retaliation 41) AlLone 42) Remedy Child 43) Winter Souls 44) Psycho-Logic 45) Soul Stripper 46) UnWanted? 47) Poison Breed 48) Portrait Of A Cynic 49) Hypo)crypticK(al 50) Stranger than Rebellion

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