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Death Cab for Cutie

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie é uma banda indie rock de Bellingham, Washington, que começou como um projeto-solo de Ben Gibbard. Como Death Cab for Cutie, ele lançou um cassete, chamado "You Can Play These Songs with Chords", que foi produzido por ele mesmo. Inicialmente, durante esse tempo, Death Cab era apenas Gibbard, mas Chris Walla (que entrou na produção de todos os álbuns posteriores, deixando a banda em Agosto de 2014) e Nicholas Harmer (que havia tocado com Ben em uma banda chamada Shed

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Death Cab for Cutie

1) I Will Follow You Into The Dark 2) Soul Meets Body 3) Crooked Teeth 4) Marching Bands of Manhattan 5) Summer Skin 6) A Lack of Color 7) The Sound of Settling 8) Transatlanticism 9) Your Heart Is an Empty Room 10) Someday You Will Be Loved 11) Title and Registration 12) What Sarah Said 13) Brothers on a Hotel Bed 14) Different Names for the Same Thing 15) I Will Possess Your Heart 16) The New Year 17) Tiny Vessels 18) Stable Song 19) Passenger Seat 20) Lightness 21) We Looked Like Giants 22) Expo '86 23) Grapevine Fires 24) Death of an Interior Decorator 25) No Sunlight 26) Cath... 27) A Movie Script Ending 28) You Are a Tourist 29) Bixby Canyon Bridge 30) Your New Twin Sized Bed 31) The Ice Is Getting Thinner 32) Champagne From a Paper Cup 33) You Can Do Better Than Me 34) Talking Bird 35) Long Division 36) President of What? 37) Pity and Fear 38) Photobooth 39) We Laugh Indoors 40) Steadier Footing 41) I Was a Kaleidoscope 42) Blacking Out the Friction 43) Bend to Squares 44) Pictures in an Exhibition 45) Styrofoam Plates 46) Why You'd Want to Live Here 47) Coney Island 48) Information Travels Faster 49) 405 50) Amputations

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Death Cab for Cutie