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Corinne Bailey Rae

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae (Leeds - Inglaterra, 26 de Fevereiro de 1979), é uma cantora inglesa de soul music. Corinne nasceu e se criou na cidade de Leeds, Inglaterra, e canta desde criança. Começou como muitas cantoras de Soul Music, cantando em coros de Igreja. Na escola, chegou a estudar violino clássico, mas não levou tal aprendizado muito à diante, pois tinha ambições diferentes. Uma delas, foi sua primeira aventura fora dos coros: uma banda que formou, aos 15 anos, com meninas de sua cidade, que foi batizada de Helen.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Corinne Bailey Rae

1) Put Your Records On 2) Like a Star 3) Trouble Sleeping 4) Till It Happens to You 5) Breathless 6) Enchantment 7) I'd Like To 8) Call Me When You Get This 9) Choux Pastry Heart 10) Butterfly 11) Seasons Change 12) Closer 13) Are You Here 14) Is This Love 15) Feels Like the First Time 16) I'd Do It All Again 17) Another Rainy Day 18) The Scientist 19) The Blackest Lily 20) Paris Nights/New York Mornings 21) Since I've Been Loving You 22) I Would Like to Call It Beauty 23) Love's on Its Way 24) The Sea 25) Paper Dolls 26) Diving for Hearts 27) Emeraldine 28) I'm Losing You 29) Daydreaming 30) Munich 31) Green Aphrodisiac 32) I Won't Let You Lie To Yourself 33) enchantment (amp fiddler remix) 34) Paris Nights / New York Mornings 35) Been To The Moon 36) I'd Like To (Weekender Mix) 37) Venus As A Boy 38) The Scientist - From "Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" 39) Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart 40) I Wanna Be Your Lover 41) Steady As She Goes 42) My Love 43) The Skies Will Break 44) Young & Foolish 45) Stop Where You Are 46) Venus As A Boy (Q Covermount) 47) Sexyback 48) No Love Child 49) I'd Like To (Radio Edit) 50) Low Red Moon

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Corinne Bailey Rae

1) Corinne Bailey Rae 2) The Sea 3) Put Your Records On 4) Live In New York 5) The Love EP 6) Corinne Bailey Rae [Spec.Edition] 7) Venus EP 8) Fifty Shades Darker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 9) The Heart Speaks in Whispers (Deluxe) 10) The Love E.P. 11) Like A Star 12) Live Session - EP 13) Paris Session 14) I'd Like To 15) Is This Love 16) Euro Xclusive 05-40 17) The Heart Speaks In Whispers 18) (null) 19) Green Aphrodisiac 20) Corinne Bailey Rae 21) Trouble Sleeping 22) Bluebird 23) Radio 1 Established 1967 24) Been To The Moon 25) Corinne Bailey Rae (Deluxe Edition) 26) Jersey Girl 27) Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur 28) I'm Losing You 29) Album Sampler 30) Fifty Shades Of Grey – Gefährliche Liebe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 31) gatheringDUST.ep 32) Stop Where You Are 33) Put Your Records On (Acoustic) - Single 34) He's Just Not That Into You: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 35) Radio 1's Live Lounge 36) Till It Happens To You 37) Grammy Nominees 2008 38) Paris Nights/ New York Mornings 39) Radio 1's Live Lounge [Disc 1] 40) Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) - EP 41) The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack 42) Live from the Artists Den: Season 2 43) Your Love Is Mine 44) Radio 1's Live Lounge, Vol. 2 [Disc 2] 45) Corinne Bailey Rae [Special Edition] Disc 2 46) Corinne Bailey Rae [Bonus Track] 47) Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart 48) The Man With The Iron Fists 49) Grey's Anatomy Songs 50) 2007 Grammy Nominees

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