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Breaks Co-Op

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Breaks Co-Op

Breaks Co-op é uma banda de Nova Zelândia formada em 1997. Seu primeiro contrato com uma gravadora foi com a FMR e mais recentemente com a EMI. Os membros da banda são Andy Lovegrove, Zane Lowe, e Hamish Clark. Lowe e Clark formavam Breaks Co-Op em Auckland, lançando o álbum Roofers em 1997, antes que ambos deixassem a Nova Zelândia para viajar e encontrar outros interesses. Eles acabaram no Reino Unido, onde Lowe se tornou conhecido como DJ numa rádio e apresentador de TV.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Breaks Co-Op

1) The Otherside 2) The Sound Inside 3) Duet 4) A Place For You 5) Wonder 6) Last Night 7) Too Easily 8) Settle Down 9) Beats Interlude 10) Twilight 11) Question Of Freedom 12) Lay Me Down 13) The Other Side 14) LMA 15) Ima 16) Sound Advice 17) Splash Step 18) Sounds Familiar 19) Let Your Hair Down 20) Looking Forward 21) To Faraway Lands 22) Such The Spot 23) Transister 24) Charging Depths 25) Solids 26) Perpetual Breath 27) All This Time 28) Live At The Lister 29) Op - Otherside, the 30) Unfettered Mind 31) Home 32) Moment In Time 33) Throwing It All Away 34) Running 35) No Matter 36) Settle Down (UK Radio Edit) 37) The Riot Song 38) You're My Lady (Acoustic Version) 39) The Otherside (UK Radio Edit) 40) op - The Sound Inside 41) One Chance 42) The Otherside (Acoustic Version) 43) Lovelost 44) A Place For You (Single Version) 45) Love Lost 46) Once Chance 47) A Place For You - Radio Edit 48) The Sound Inside (Acoustic) 49) Too Easily (Acoustic Version) 50) Duet (Atlantic Conveyor Mix Edit)

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