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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Anarbor

Slade Echeverria (vocais e baixo), Mike Kitlas (guitarra e backing vocals), Greg Garrity (bateria e backing vocals) e Dave Melilo (guitarra e backing vocals) formam a Anarbor, inicialmente conhecida como Troop 101, é uma banda estado unidense de Phoenix, Arizona formada em 2003. Em abril de 2008, a banda assinou com a Hopeless Records enquanto ainda estavam no ensino médio. A banda já lançou um EP e um álbum. A banda começou tocando na garagem do baterista Greg Garrity no início de 2003.

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Punk Rock

Indie Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Anarbor

1) 18 2) You and I 3) Passion For Publication 4) Let The Games Begin 5) The Brightest Green 6) Gypsy Woman 7) Where The Wild Things Are (Monsters) 8) Always Dirty, Never Clean 9) Can't Help It 10) Halfway Sober 11) Love Instead 12) Right There With You 13) What He Don't Know 14) Anatomy 15) Mr. Big Shot 16) Dopamine 17) Rock To My Roll 18) I Hate You So Much 19) I'll Stay To The West 20) Between You And I 21) Beat Of The Drum 22) Drugstore Diet 23) Contagious 24) Useless 25) Every High Has A Come Down 26) Freaking out! 27) Going To Jail 28) Carefree Highway 29) I Do What I Do 30) The Whole World 31) Damage I've Done 32) Paint This Town 33) This Can't Be Healthy 34) Whiskey In Hell 35) Fly Until You Crash 36) It's A Fact 37) Take My Pain Away 38) Who Can Save Me Now? 39) Letter in a Suitcase 40) I Don't Love You Anymore 41) MIA (Dead Robot Remix) 42) Salem's Filled With Witches 43) If Jealousy Had A Face 44) Freaks 45) Tasty 46) Before The World Ends 47) Sassy 48) Josie 49) West Coast Christmas 50) Drugs

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