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New Order

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For New Order

New Order é uma banda inglesa de Rock e Música Eletrônica formada em Manchester no ano de 1980 por Bernard Sumner (vocais, guitarra e sintetizadores), Peter Hook (baixo e sintetizadores) e Stephen Morris (bateria, bateria eletrônica e sintetizadores). New Order foi formado pelos membros remanescentes do grupo Joy Division, após o suicídio do vocalista Ian Curtis, com a adição de tecladista/guitarrista Gillian Gilbert. Embora as primeiras gravações do New Order soem muito parecidas com o Joy Division

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For New Order

1) Blue Monday 2) Bizarre Love Triangle 3) Ceremony 4) Temptation 5) True Faith 6) Age of Consent 7) Regret 8) Crystal 9) Blue Monday '88 10) Age of Consent - 2015 Remaster 11) The Perfect Kiss 12) Blue Monday - 2016 Remaster 13) Thieves Like Us 14) Confusion 15) Your Silent Face 16) 60 Miles an Hour 17) Dreams Never End 18) Fine Time 19) World in Motion 20) Leave Me Alone 21) Love Vigilantes 22) Krafty 23) Everything's Gone Green 24) The Village 25) We All Stand 26) Vanishing Point 27) Procession 28) Age Of Consent - 2015 Remastered Version 29) Shellshock 30) 1963 31) Ultraviolence 32) State of the Nation 33) Elegia 34) Touched by the Hand of God 35) Run 36) The Beach 37) Blue Monday - 2016 Remastered Version 38) Ecstasy 39) Someone Like You 40) Ruined in a Day 41) Sub-Culture 42) Turn My Way 43) Paradise 44) True Faith '94 45) Round & Round 46) Leave Me Alone - 2015 Remaster 47) Truth 48) All Day Long 49) Vicious Streak 50) Bizarre Love Triangle '94

Frogtoon Music - Album information for TOTAL

Total: From Joy Division to New Order is a compilation album of material from Joy Division and New Order. It was released in the United Kingdom on 6 June 2011 by Rhino Entertainment and is the first album to feature songs from both bands in one album. It features five Joy Division tracks, including "Love Will Tear Us Apart", and thirteen New Order tracks, including a previously unreleased track, "Hellbent". A digital deluxe version also includes music videos. In October 2019, the album was certified Gold by British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Background The record label were unhappy with calling the

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