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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For 3OH!3

3OH!3 (pronuncia-se "three oh three") é um grupo americano de hip hop/eletrônica de Boulder, Colorado. O nome vem do código postal da região, 303. Em abril de 2008, o grupo formado por Sean Foreman e Nathaniel Motte, assinou com a Photo Finish Records (uma subdivisão da Atlantic Records). Foreman e Motte se conheceram nas suas aulas de física na University of Colorado. Os membros eram inspirados pela cena underground hip hop e Foreman, que na época era membro da banda Eight Hour Orphans

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For 3OH!3

1) Don't Trust Me 2) Starstrukk 3) My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) 4) Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry) 5) I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby 6) Richman 7) Touchin on My 8) Double Vision 9) DONTTRUSTME 10) Chokechain 11) Still Around 12) Tapp 13) My First Kiss 14) I Can't Do It Alone 15) Colorado Sunrise 16) Holler Til You Pass Out 17) My First Kiss - Feat. Ke$ha 18) We Are Young 19) Déjà Vu 20) Photofinnish 21) I Can Do Anything 22) Follow Me Down 23) Beaumont 24) House Party 25) R.I.P. 26) I'm Not The One 27) Streets of Gold 28) I Know How to Say 29) Punkb*tch 30) Love 2012 31) See You Go 32) Punkbitch 33) starstrukk (feat. katyperry) 34) Electroshock 35) Don't Dance 36) LONELY MACHINES 37) STARSTRUKK - FEAT. KATYPERRY 38) Hott 39) DONTTRUSTME - Explicit Album Version 40) You're Gonna Love This 41) Dance With Me 42) Set You Free 43) Hornz 44) Back To Life 45) Punk Bitch 46) My First Kiss ft. Kesha 47) Dragon Backpack 48) Neatfreak 47 49) Dirty Mind 50) STARSTRUKK - FEAT.KATYPERRY

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